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Activity reports | Other reports and statements

Activity reports

The Foundation provides an annual activity report with information on results of the Foundation’s work and current developments in accreditation in the national and international context.

File Activity report 2015  (link will follow soon)

File Activity report 2014

File Activity report 2013 

File Activity report 2012

File Activity report 2011

You will find further activity reports in the → archive.

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Other reports and statements

On selected topics of interest the Accreditation Council regularly submits reports and issues comments or recommendations.

File  Thematic analyses of „Joint Programmes und study programmes with transnational character“ (German)30.09.2015

File  Final eport and recommendations of the working group on “academic and professional concerns” (German), 18.06.2015

File  Strategic plan of the Accreditation Council 2013-2017, 13.12.2013

File  Statement on the further development of system accreditation (German), 20.02.2013

File  Report of the Accreditation Council on the evaluation of first experiences with system accreditation, 12.09.2012

File  Statement on the further development of the accreditation system, 14.01.2011

File  Recommendations on the further development of the accreditation system (German), 08.05.2007

Datei  Statement on the representation of German accreditation agencies in the Washington Accord (German), 08.05.2007

Datei  Further development of students' involvement in quality assurance of teaching and learning in Germany (German), 20.12.2006

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